Sunday, September 11, 2011

Roxy Lounge Opening in Scottsdale




Expanding from a historical space to a present-day phenomenon, Los Angeles’ The Roxy Theatre has become the key communicator among a collective of bands, fans and neighbors along the famed Sunset Strip. With the intensity it’s taken to maintain this leading status, The Roxy is branching out with The Roxy Lounge in Scottsdale, Arizona (@theroxyLOT). Partners and brothers, Nic Adler and Cisco Adler will be opening The Roxy Lounge with Lucid Entertainment in mid-September of 2011.

This new 250-capacity venue, a hybrid of club and live music, is the first of many developments the brand is involved in will provide artists endorsed by The Roxy with multiple locations, broadening their audience from a local Los Angeles to local West Coast. “The goal is to take a legendary brand and deliver it to a new community keeping the integrity of who The Roxy is,” says Nic Adler, “…while absorbing the energy and spirit of the new location.”

Being more than just a music venue, The Roxy Theatre is a partner in the community, promoter of the arts, a social curator of style and culture, and a support for the bands we endorse. Having infused the online/offline conversation into The Roxy’s branding, it is the number one venue in the world of social networking.

Nic Adler has run The Roxy Theatre for nearly 15 years and has managed multiple bands in his career. He is noted as an entrepreneur, an innovator, and a master collaborator. Cisco Adler is a successful producer, songwriter, and artist whose credits range from Shwayze and Mike Posner to G. Love and Kate Voegele. He and Bananabeat, his lifestyle brand, are pioneers in creating organic brand alliances to revolutionize the way music does business.

The Roxy Lounge will be located at 7443 East 6th Avenue, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251.

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