Friday, July 31, 2015

Rachel & The Ruckus Release New Single, "Bounce"

oneTrack From the Critically-Acclaimed Debut Album Rachel & The Ruckus meets public and industry with excitement

“A song about the power of being positive in the face of adversity and negativity"

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Rachel & the Ruckus release a new single, "Bounce", from their critically-acclaimed self-titled 2014 album. The uptempo, catchy song showcases front-person Rachel Alena's soulful, country-tinged vocals that are highly reminiscent of tunes by contemporaries like Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, and Miranda Lambert, to name a few. Listen closely and you may even hear strains of Beth Hart, Diana Fuchs, and Janiva Magness in Alena, who calls her music "Mile High Melodic Blues-Rock". "Bounce" is the follow-up to "Romeo", the latter described as 'Shakespeare with a Modern-Day twist".

The Boulder, Co-based musician describes "Bounce" as "a song about the power of being positive in the face of adversity and negativity. It's about how people are prone to saying one thing to your face, but then secretly want to see you fail (or at least trip and stumble in your process). It reminds us that in the end we all need to ignore the nay sayers, focus on the good, give love and be positive to stay resilient in this world."

         They can say we're

                    Gonna trip stumble stumble

                                 Gonna trip stumble stumble

                                                  Gonna Bounce

                                                              They were never on the money

"Bounce was one of the first handful of songs Alec Sims (Rachel & The Ruckus guitarist) and Kyle Comerford (R&R drummer) wrote together over twelve years ago",  Alena continues. "It was a simple tune that just kept making its way back into the rotation as if it knew it's own destiny was to be recorded by Rachel and the Ruckus years later".


Rachel Alena grew up in the Los Angeles music scene and started making music before she learned to talk. She took her first musical cues from her mother and father who played in a band together and infused her with their deep love of music. Her father is often heard on the radio, having played guitar with classic Phil Spector-produced bands such as the Ronettes and the Crystals on popular songs like "Da Do Run Run" and "Be My Baby". Rachel was a session vocalist, who toured and also performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, before moving to Colorado in 2000 to continue her musical journey.

“Probably the best band you have not yet heard: Rachel & the Ruckus. They are a blues rock ‘n’ soul band that you have got to see. The band is tight and talented and Rachel Alena kills on vocals".

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