Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Introducing the Boho Series 2.0: Ukulele, Bass & Guitar


In 2013, we ran our first crowdfunding campaign to bring our upcycled oil can guitars to life. Now we are back, to introduce our newest line of instruments, the Boho Series 2.0, including the Ukulele, Bass and three new designs to the original Boho Guitar. The metal Boho bodies produce a richer range of tones not found in other guitars, for a truly unique and special sound.

To show appreciation for your support, we are bringing the Boho Series 2.0 to life with pre-order sales launching on Indiegogo today. Early bird sales start at $89 for the Uke (normally $109), $199 for the Guitar (normally $299), and $300 for the Bass (normally $450). We also have limited edition TNT design available only on Indiegogo and a limited edition, autographed G.Love’ Special Sauce themed guitar. There’s a sound for everyone! Join us and support #TeamBoho



Oil-can Guitars only Available from Bohemian Guitars

Express yourself with music. Express yourself with design. In addition to our original designs beloved by renowned artists and guitar enthusiasts alike, we are celebrating the introduction of Boho Series 2.0 with three brand new guitar designs: Bohemian Ales, Electric Limeade and Hot Sauce. And for a limited time, we are offering the rare “Collector’s Edition” TNT, only available during this Indiegogo campaign right now!



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