Thursday, November 27, 2014

LADY BORCHERS hidden gems for December

Every lady has her secrets but i found letting one or two slip can help everyone have a good time, the first of many hidden gems i found in and around the central coast can be found in this new post that will be updated monthly for your pleasure. The venue,events and winery's are great ways to reconnect with your partner escaping the mu-damn routine of life or a fun way to have a hi heel girls night out.
 first gem found was in Solvang.
live events, great wine and fabulous surroundings this is a great place filled with wonderful decor and the love of music which  is noticed the second you open the door.Amanda Marsh was a energetic fun loving woman who was knowledgeable of both wine and music a fun combination and a great place to stop in.
Orcutt bound tri this ,I love this local winery that is both tranquil with a light hint of isolation even though the winery in three minutes from the 101, the view of the valley of orcutt and vineyard was very serine. i was impressed the staff was very knowledgeable of both the wine but the food venues that went with each taste. over all a orcutt hidden gem.

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