Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dave Davies is “Rippin” it up once more

DaveDaviesRippinUpTimeCovermedresLegendary Dave Davies releases his newest and most awaited offering, “Rippin Up Time”.

Hitting Stores Today - on the Legacy Recordings Label.

Album Review by Joseph Timmons: Xombiewoof Magazine

Dave Davies, founding member of The Kinks and the one man attributed with the invention of amp distortion, (for reason of his taking a blade to the cone of an amp speaker, “Ripping” the very fabric of sound ad altering the timeline of all music to come) presents to the Rock & Roll loving community an album that is both provocative and humbling, reflective and a personal examination of one’s life through open eyes, Rippin Up Time, is now available. Dave Davies has been single handedly been noted as the musical genius that inspired Rock Legends from Van Halen to Green Day.

The album Rippin Up Time, produced by Dave Davies and David Nolte, features 10 new and original tracks, reminiscent of the classical and beloved “Kinks” style, yet wholly new and innovative in composition. While being very modern sounding, it still retains Dave’s “Smokey” vocal style. Dave explained in interview his feelings about creating and recording this new ground shaking album “It was wonderful working with my son Russ Davies and old friend David Nolte on this project, I am really excited about this album”, Davies went on to comment “Rippin Up Time is about a man’s reflections of his past, his fears, anxieties and optimism about the present and hopeful expectations of the future”

Rippin Up Time’s release today coincides with Dave Davies plans for his Us Tour starting November 11th, 2014 at the Turner Ballroom in Milwaukee Wisconsin and the prior Legacy recordings release of career spanning collection Anthology titled The Essential Kinks, celebrating 50 Years of The Kinks Music and the upcoming release of the Newly Remastered edition of Muswell Hillbillies, the Kink’s “masterpiece of working class observation”, containing all original the content of the original album and 9 Bonus Tracks, never before released and a DVD of a rare 1972 television performance never released in North America.

In Review, Rippin Up Time is bold, expressive and well worth the wait, Davies compels the listener to examine and self-evaluate, connecting with the listener on every deep rooted level, in plain verse, without misguided questioning or symbolisms, Dave Davies brings home the message of life’s never ending quest for significance. In both a serious nature, with songs like the title track Ripping Up Time, and Semblance of Sanity, the question of a man’s place in the universe comes into play, and when does one reach a breaking point. One track I found most endearing and quite humorous, King of Karaoke is a story well known of dark and smokey bars with would be rock stars never discovered, singing their favorite songs hoping for some acknowledgement of their talent, often fueled by liquid courage while retired prom queens attempt to regain admiration as well.

If you love Rock with meaning, songs with mirth and music with a message, Rippin Up Time is an album you need to own, listen to and share, even if it’s only with your fellow late night bar hounds, reminiscing of the Good Old Days and singing Lola while drinking on a Low Budget,… sorry, a play on the fabulous history of a great performer and talented artist.

Dave Davies, Here’s to you Mate!

More at http://www.legacyrecordings.com and http://www.davedavies.com

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  1. Great review, great album! I agree


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