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Vacant Fever – Heparin & Saline : Album Review

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Vacant Fever H&SHeparin & Saline was mixed by Larry Crane at Jackpot in Portland, Oregon and Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE in Phoenix, Arizona. This stunning and somewhat bizarrely entrancing album was recorded by Vacant Fever at The Old Rainier Brewery in Seattle, Washington. Available on CD & 12" Colored Vinyl it is well worth every penny. I received this album along with some of their other offerings, which will come in a later review. Simply put, this is a great album and a must if you like the dark and spooky.

Vacant Fever – Heparin & Saline is a series of dark and somewhat brooding music, but not “EMO” dark… But a seething beneath the surface, boiling over like a cobra waiting to strike dark!

I would gather to say it is an emotionally driven work, ghost stories from the spirits point of view, not that the songs topical subjects have anything to do with dead, although maybe some do….. It is well written and musically balanced in every aspect, they have created a full bodied and well positioned album that has all the best and it is lean to listen to. From the first track “You Shouldn’t let Poets lie to you” to the last track “Casio”, it is a myriad of transposed themes and arrangements, swirling in the speakers and the feelings and tensions in the prose pull you under just as you reach for a breath. Vacant Fever are very talented musicians with a serious edge to their writing and performing style.

With a sound very Seattle Alternative, as in their venue the remnants of grunge and Nirvana=esk guitar buzz spills from the amps, it is not lame re-hash of past experiments by other bands, but fresh and bold, expressive yet mysterious and subtle, this is a fantastic album that I will surely wear out before the end comes.

Here is just a sample of their brilliant sound surges:

This and more is available at their Bandcamp page, but really, buy the album and support great music! Prices range from the VERY Reasonable “Name Your Price” Download feature to only 10.00 for the limited edition colored Vinyl, originally 500 were made, only 98 left at time this article was written. There is a CD which will be available soon but I do not have a price for that, be assured it will be affordable; this is Bandcamp, the singularly wondrous savior of the Record Collector!

Find them on Bandcamp - and you can also find all of their media links on their web page

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