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REWIND: In The Groove Interview with Gerald Casale of Devo and CD Review

I wanted to revisit an audio Interview I had done with Gerald Casale of DEVO recorded almost 2 years ago. I plan on doing more interviews like this, better produced of course, but we will do them as podcasts that will be downloadable and we look to allowing our readers to hear the artists in their own words, unscripted.
I hope you enjoy this bit of History, You will also find our review of the DEVO Release
This is the first in a new series on Groove studio One, "In The Groove" will be Audio and Video Interviews with the Celebrities, Visionaries and Style Makers of Today.


In the interview with Gerald Casale of DEVO, our first audio interview, we discussed details about what the group is doing and what drives them to create music with such powerful imagery. Devo Gives us a unique opportunity to look into ourselves and our world. Listen and find out what Gerald has to say about Devo's Past, Present and Future.



Click the Play Link above to Hear Interview

Music Review:  DEVO – Something For Everybody

Review By Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof Magazine

Are We Not Men – We’re Still DEVO

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Article first published as Music Review: Devo - Something for Everyone on Blogcritics.

Remember the 80’s, the New Wave Music Movement spawned bands with new sounds and new gimmicks, making some memorable and some, not so much. Recently many of the new wave vanguard have made attempts at comebacks and have fallen short, their sounds over worked and over sampled, some sounding like re-hashed copies of their earlier work. 30 years ago, one band stood in the forefront of the music movement and created a sound that was both vibrant and hypnotic, a sound that spoke to many of the world’s youth that felt they needed something to connect with and feel passionate about. It has been 20 years since Devo’s last album Smooth Noodle Maps and now Devo has released their new Album Something for Everybody to the delight of devoted Devo fans and new fans alike.

Something for Everybody is rich in originality and audio texture; there is the techno-rich sound and the futuristic vibe that Devo is famous for as well as a bright and crisp new tone. Devo has created in this album an environmental sound that has technical computer sounds but is not over sampled or over dubbed, known for their ability perfectly mix the “Sci-Fi” sounds with their highly skilled musical ability and the vocal talents of their lead man-Mark Mothersbaugh, this album is not a comeback but a continuation of the one band that stood apart and is best connected not just to a time period, but could be given credit for creating an entire movement in music. Devo stands ready for today and the future with members Gerald Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh, Bob Mothersbaugh, Bob Casale and Josh Freese, working together to create and album that is just as pivotal as their first album Are We Not Men- We Are DEVO.

"The world is in sync with Devo, we’re not the guys who freak people out and scare them—we’re like the house band on the Titanic, entertaining everybody as we go down." - says his band-mate and co-writer Gerald Casale.

The tracks on Something for Everybody contain messages of logical thought and comment of present issues perplexing people today, and with phrasing like “Don’t tase' me Bro’” in the song “Don’t Shoot ( I’m a Man)” touch on the individual incidents that wind up becoming political markers in history.

The lineup of song titles are

  1. Fresh
  2. What We Do
  3. Please Baby Please
  4. Don't Shoot (I'm a Man)
  5. Mind Games
  6. Human Rocket
  7. Sumthin'
  8. Step Up
  9. Cameo
  10. Later Is Now
  11. No Place Like Home
  12. March On
  13. Watch Us Work It
  14. Signal Ready
  15. Let's Get To It
  16. Knock Boots

Devo has, in this album, created a moving picture of modern society of the run from the Pandora’s Box that was opened by its predecessors with nowhere to run to except into future, where protective jumpsuits and red helmets keep a “spud-boy” safe.

Remember your Duty Now for the Future, insure your Freedom of Choice and Shout from the rooftops “- “I am” – Total Devo.

Joseph Timmons – an old “Spud-Boy”

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