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CD Review: And the light came blaring in….


andthelightcameblaringinCD Review: And the light came blaring in….

Artist: Keith Kenny

iNtu Records 2013

Available at Select Locations and Online at http://www.keithkenny.com/music


 The singularly most relevant and history making artist on the 60’s and 70’s were the Guitarist Singer / Songwriters, modern bards that often mixed melodies and social / political diatribes together to awe and inspire the youth to think of their past, present and futures, bring about change and rise to stand against injustice. Today, in our media soaked worlds befuddled with overdriven digital enhanced information and pseudo soundtracks that seem to be forced into our ears and minds, choking our natural song and making us sound like pigeons in a park, we miss the true artists that are gems in the crowning achievements of the music world.

IMG_8905-e1369274470658Last year I met an artist at the NAMM Convention in Anaheim California, a young and energetic man who seemed to be unpacking a small suitcase on stage, only to see that the suitcase was turned into a percussion set, a small amp and he transformed into one of those old time movie one man bands you see in the old black and white comedies.

He stood up and to a small but growing crowd he introduced himself, with a crooked smile just under his mustache and a small twitch of his finger he began to entrance and get the crowd moving, swaying and swarming to the rhythms and cheering at every note.

I got to talk to him for a bit, exchanged emails and before I could turn around to talk to him, he vanished, out of sight and as if he was never there.

He appeared as if a ghost of Woodstock and darkened coffee clubs of yesteryear.

Recently I received a CD in the mail from Keith Kenny, his newest offering And the light came blaring in…. no letter enclosed, no request or special notes, just the CD. I put it on and I found myself whisked away to what seemed like a personal performance, a concert for one. I was reminded of artists like Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Richie Havens and other illuminated souls I have listened to.

And the light came blaring in…. is not his only work, he has actually performed in a multitude of venues and has 2 other albums, evil fuzz magic and Limit is the Sky which I listened to at his web site http://www.keithkenny.com , I will say that this new album is what appears to be the next transformation in what sounds like an audible journal and diary of a man’s life and growth in music. Keith Kenny is truly a modern day bard, weaving music and words into rich tapestries that imprint themselves into your mind and stay with you, bring back memories of your own life into focus, inspiring warmth of love and understanding of one’s self. I don’t know if this troubadour intended to be a modern day pied piper or if it comes naturally, but Keith Kenny is one to be heard.

I am especially fond of “Living in Circles”, the first track on this album; this is so down and reminiscent of the late great Jimi Hendrix, but lyrically so Lou Reed, it swirls and Builds into a stomp and then – Stops, leaving you wanting more, and with the song “Filling Holes”, I also feel like at time I have dug my own graves, only to leave them empty, hoping not to fall into the traps I have laid for myself.

The whole albums is riddled with heart pulling, brain freeing mind bombs of emotion and make this possibly the best solo performance album I have the pleasure of hearing this year. And at only seven tracks long, there is so much that is said in just a few smooth verses. The total track listings are “Living in Circles”, “Filling Holes”, “Question the Beat of My Heart”, “Dream”, “Awake”, “And the Light Came Blaring In”, “Carved in Stone”, “Love Will go the Distance”.


Keith Kenny

I feel Keith Kenny will make a strong impact on the music scene, without the glam and the glitz, but with a soul so strong it could part the sea and bring grass to the dessert. I am a new believer, and a faithful follower of the singer songwriter, the minstrel in the park, the singer in the dark, the one man band.

Keith Kenny


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  1. You're right with this review. Keith Kenny is a very talented one-man band and an overall good guy too. Keith was gracious enough to gift me his latest album and I have enjoyed listening to it the car many times! Keith and I have shared the same stage a few times, and he deserves much success. Best of luck to him on his Red Suitcase Tour!


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