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Sticky Boys – This Is Rock N’ Roll


CD Review: Sticky Boys – This Is Rock N’ Roll

On Listenable Records

Review by Joseph Timmons – Xombiewoof Magazine

stcky boys

France, a country that has given us a cultural legacy of the arts and romance has decided to give us one more thing to appreciate – a lesson in crowd pleasing and energizing old school rock and roll, with pleasure, I present to you the new album by the Sticky Boys – This Is Rock N’ Roll. With a sound that is reminiscent of early 80’s rock and metal from bands like Judas Priest and AC/DC, short and sweet brain busting rhythms and power chord movements, this album is cool and should be heard.




With their talented lineup of Alex Kourelis on Guitar, J.-B. Chesnot on Bass and Tom Bullot – Drums, the whole band shares vocals; this is a true power trio extraordinaire. These three wild rockers are packed with energy and ready to explode. First discovered in the US by The Donnas and Nashville Pussy, they hit France, their home country with a cult following, later to exploded in the Virgin Megastore and the Hard Rock Café, derailed the Bus Palladium and literally atomized HellFest 2011. Soon after Sticky Boys found Listenable Records, a partner in crime big and strong enough to help them set the detonators… the bomb was ready to explode! Their first missile, the album “This is Rock’n'Roll” was launched.



Sticky Boys


Sticky Boys


Sticky Boys

I will be looking for more from this group, looking them up on YouTube, I found several live videos, showing they have a great stage presence, doing originals and covers of the great pieces that inspired their own great songs. The Sticky Boys assisted the French Railway to create a series of commercials to help improve public awareness of transit and tourism. I would say that in the wake of what is hailed as “The British Invasion” we should be looking at a “French Connection” of huge proportions.

Look for this album and add it to your collection, a definite plus and guaranteed to thrill ya. The album has the “clean” studio sound but I feel their live sound has more of an edge, don’t get me wrong, do love this album much, but I feel their raw and pure sound is excellent.

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