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Adventures of Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi in Space- ENDAND make the Transition

Music Review by Joseph Timmons, Xombiewoof.Com Magazine

522322_400364493318973_1955539909_nArtist: ENDAND

Album: Adventures of Hi-Fi in Space / Adventures of Lo-Fi in Space


Daniel Fern: Vox, Guitars

Bill Fitzgerald: Bass, Vox

Mike 'Mikopolis' Morales: Drums, Percussion

Engineered & Mixed by Dan Kramer

Produced by: Dan Kramer for American Glorious Productions

Mastered by: Mark Alan Miller


It is unusual that I get an album that redefines my thoughts on experimental soundscapes, usually, unless an artist or group is very talented or experienced, it sounds much like garbled nonsense or the cracking of pipes. I am very pleased to announce that I have been made into a believer, and that a band can wear more than one hat at a time. I know this may sound cliché, but this group has bridged the barriers of theory and have created a true variant of sound that is timeless yet also has direct connection to their influences.

ENDAND, a group straight out of Brooklyn has a tonal texture that sound like a grouping of decades in music history, although they have been billed as a “post-modern punk” I would say that their influences span from 60’s and 70’ sounds, like Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa through the 80’s and 90’s like The Screaming Trees, Mudhoney and grunge contemporaries through to today’s hard sounds of Soundgarden and mixed music such as Gorillaz and Moby. I cannot pin-point their sound, which is actually a great moment in my career as a music review writer; they keep me guessing, and very entertained.

With songs that cross over and blend in styling that I have yet to find a term to define, their music is direct, poignant and in your ears, with driving beats and rhythms, I find myself drawn in, the lyrics are also well-defined and everything is well mixed and produced, no over sampling or muddy messes of “sludge”, which is music that is so dull it has to be special effected out of existence. The album is actually a dual album – “Adventures of Hi-Fi in Space” sounds to be tracks that are or more modern composure, where as “Adventures of Lo-Fi in Space” are the “Old Vanguard” sounds, reminiscent or the psychedelic era of the 60’s / 70’s, like the message music can bring, their compositions span both time and space, a unique vision in the music creativity and teasing the senses.

Adventures of Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi in Space is a fitting title, the album is a rollercoaster of musical styling and emotion. I had an opportunity to do a phone interview, and found that they don’t take themselves too seriously, no delusions of grandeur or stardust daydream, just real musicians making real music and focusing on the quality of what they do. All experienced musicians with diverse backgrounds, they make it work effortlessly, making their “mastery” sound all too easy, which as a musician myself, is far from the truth.

I look forward to the day I can see them live, I am sure they make their stage presence stand out on its own merits as well as the precision of their playing.

Visit them on Facebook, YouTube and Bandcamp - and you will see and hear the good stuff.


Our Apologies: This Review was previously Published July / August 2012 – but was removed from the Server during a technical audit and was not replaced. It has been re-published in it’s entirety.

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