Monday, February 20, 2012

Judas Priest Rocks On with a New and Complete Anthology by MATT O'SHAUGHNESSY


The quintessential British iconic heavy metal group Judas Priest have once again gifted their fans with yet another stellar piece of history. This time in the wonderful form of "The Complete Albums Collection", a must have anthology of all 17 of the mighty Priest's ground - breaking albums assembled here in one spectacular box-set.

235_13104973964_12853613964_470668_7337_nUpon initial glance of the seminal and pioneering Priest's Epic/Legacy Recordings release, one can't help but to chomp at the bit considering "The Complete Albums Collection" is Judas Priest that featured the classic line-up of Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton, KK Downing, and Ian Hill!

Included here are brand new remasters of Priest's first two albums, 1974's "Rocka Rolla" and 1976's "Sad Wings Of Destiny"(which have never been released before as authorized remasters by the band), in addition to each individual album being packaged in a replica mini-lp sleeve reproducing that albums original cover art. Also included is the 2009 live compilation, A Touch Of Evil... Live".

"The Complete Albums Collection" also features a 40 page booklet with photos, album credits, and liner notes by rock journalist/Priest fan Greg Prato.

"A front man known as the Metal God, who paved the way for multi-octave metal singers in his wake. A guitar tandem whose dual harmonies have been copied by countless subsequent six-string teams. A biker-like, leather n studs look that became associated as the dress code for headbangers. A multitude of arena-shaking anthems that will be around till the end of time. Without question, Judas Priest is unlike any metal band before, after or since.

Think 'heavy metal' and few bands come to mind as quickly as Judas Priest does. Other veteran rock bands may have buckled to musical trends at one point or another in their career, but Priest, has always been proud to fly the metal flag. And, as a result, has built a stellar legacy that is unmatched by few other acts - which you will hear by cranking "The Complete Albums Collection" at high volume." - Excerpt from Greg Prato in "The Complete Albums Collection".


It not often you can acquire all the classic albums by one of Rock's all-time great bands in one breath-takingly assembled package!

Judas Priest's killer "The Complete Albums Collection" is certainly one of those rare occurrences.

"The Complete Albums Collection" features:

Rocka Rolla (1974)
Sad Wings of Destiny (1976)
Sin After Sin (1977)
Stained Class (1978)
Killing Machine (1978)
Unleashed in the East (1979)
British Steel (1980)
Point of Entry (1981)
Screaming for Vengeance (1982)
Defenders of the Faith (1984)
Turbo (1986)
Priest…Live! (1987)
Ram It Down (1988)
Painkiller (1990)
Angel of Retribution (2005)
Nostradamus (2008)
A Touch of Evil…Live (2009)

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