Tuesday, October 25, 2011


SOIANIn celebration of their 25 year anniversary, premiere hardcore band SICK OF IT ALL will release Nonstop, an album of re-recorded classics on November 1st (North America) / October 31st (Europe). The band has just unleashed a brand-new trailer for this fantastic album, featuring a collage of snippets from the release.

The album trailer can be seen here.

Real SICK OF IT ALL lunatics will immediately recognize the voice that can be heard in the beginning of the clip - the one and only KRS-One - who also made an appearance on the track "Clobberin' Time" from 1989's Blood, Sweat and No Tears. It's no surprise he is back for an appearance on Nonstop. Not only is he featured on the re-recorded version of "Clobberin' Time", but also on the special bonus track "Clobbern' Time - KRS-One Civilization Mix".

The full re-recorded version of "Built To Last" off of Nonstop can be heard on the band's Facebook Page and pre-orders for the album can be purchased here.



Fans should look forward to a stunning release celebrating 25 years of NYHC. Don't miss SICK OF IT ALL live on the following dates where they will deliver the hardcore hits off of Nonstop!

11/25/2011 Philadelphia, PA @ Broad Street Ministry

11/26/2011 Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights

11/27/2011 Providence, RI @ Club Hell

For more information on SICK OF IT ALL, please visit:





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