Monday, October 17, 2011



"Latest news in Las Vegas Music: Jacole Chandler's Debut Release of 'The Takeover EP' from Malus Records. Based out of Las Vegas Malus Records, Inc. is a new independent Record Label and clothing company looking to take over the city. This is one of a few project from the label, also it seems to be the most anticipated so far... This label has combined the talents of Jacole's rap lyrics and heavy guitar riffs to bring forth a new sound to the city.

I spoke with CEO & President Kelly Green and he said that “Coming from Los Angeles back to Las Vegas was a big move for the company, but it was also needed to further the relationship with his Vegas consumers and artist”.

for more info contact Kelly Green President & CEO or visit The Malus - One Music Store"

The Capitol of Las Vegas

Article by Antonio Freeman

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