Saturday, August 29, 2015

SACRED OATH's Legendary Frontman/Vocalist/Guitarist - Rob Thorne In WVOX Metal Mayhem Exclusive Interview This Friday!

905771_10152936618568199_1883784609243208130_o"Ravensong", the follow-up to Connecticut acclaimed metallers Sacred Oath's last release, Fallen, will no doubt shed even more light on why these talented guys completely deserve higher billing in the metal community.  With Ravensong, Sacred Oath could very well have produced their "Master Of Puppets" or "Number Of The Beast";it is that well crafted and incredibly well done, from the world-class production, to Thorne's always unmistakable vocals and the band that backs him - ingenious.

WVOX Metal Mayhem host Matthew O'Shaughnessy will welcome back longtime friend and Oath singer Rob Thorne this Friday at 9:15pm EST worldwide via WWW.WVOX.COM and locally in New York at 1460 AM.


The two will discuss the groups recent video shoot for the track "Taken" from their September-slated release of Ravensong and much more during the live on air chat. " Having my great pal, Rob, and one of metal's most prolific singers on Metal Mayhem is always a huge highlight for me..." says O'Shaughnessy   

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