Sunday, January 11, 2015

Eddie Vedder Flies Solo at the Santa Barbara Bowl

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Concert Review and Photographs by Jessica Martinez

It's was a beautiful summer evening at the Santa Barbara Bowl, Eddie Vedder, front man for Pearl Jam would be performing for his fans at a sold out show at one of Santa Barbara’s most popular venues to support his most recent solo album Ukulele Songs . The sun was up with clear skies and a slight breeze that made for a perfect day at this open air amphitheater. When I arrived at the bowl, some fans were gathered at the plaza, socializing, lounging and making merry, while others took their seats awaiting the start of the evening’s performances.

As the opening performer, Glen Hansard took the stage; fans flocked from the terrace to the theater. Hansard, who's is well known for his Academy and Critics Choice Awards song, “Falling Slowly”, from the Once Soundtrack, followed up this hit with other originals "Leave" and "Low Rising". Glen then surprised the audience with his cover of Van Morrison's "Astral Weeks." Throughout these songs, Hansard belted a range of vocal notes which sounded amazing to hear live. Hansard finished his set and left the stage to a standing ovation; fans stood up and applauded with much appreciation.

During the preparation of equipment for Eddie Vedder, fans headed back to the plaza for drinks and other accommodations. It seemed the longer the wait, the more excited some fans became. Sporadic burst of laughter occurred throughout the crowd while socializing at the plaza which clearly indicated they were having a great time. It was about 8:00 pm, with the sun still lighting up the skies, when Eddie Vedder took the stage. He was greeted with a standing and a roaring crowd. With Ukulele in hand, Eddie Vedder began with "Can't Keep," from his solo album titled, Ukulele Songs. After performing the opening song, in a bantering way, Vedder says, "Feel free to buy me a Drink”, fans were very quick to oblige.

IMG_0814          IMG_0841          IMG_0791

He continued to play songs from his solo album, and then played some Pearl Jam favorites, “Wish list", "Unthought Known", "Parting Ways" and "Off he goes". As Eddie switched to an acoustic guitar for the fifth song, he says, "Everybody get comfortable. We're going to be here for a while."


Eddie continued to play for the next couple of hours, he performed some cover songs, such as "Hurt," by Nine Inch Nails, Redemption Song," by Bob Marley," "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," by the Beatles, and Needle and the Damage Done," by Neil Young.The concert ended with duets from Vedder and Hansard which included "Falling slowly," and "Dream a Little Dream of me”.

The combination of both their vocals was a perfect end to this event.


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