Tuesday, July 15, 2014


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D’Addario Increases its Singles Offering and Introduces a New, More Corrosion Resistant Singles Packaging

D’Addario is thrilled to announce the extension of two new string lines including the FlexSteels Bass String line and the NYXL Electric Guitar String Line. In addition, always looking for ways to improve the performance of their packaging, D’Addario single guitar strings will be now packaged in sealed Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) bags.

“Premature corrosion can destroy a string’s tonal characteristics,” says Brian Johnson, Product Specialst at D’Addario. “It is our goal to provide guitarists with packaging that offers superior shelf life, ensuring each D’Addario string is as fresh as the day it was made.”

D’Addario guitar singles will now be packaged into sealed bags, with VCI formulated into the recyclable plastic. This packaging is designed to emit rust-inhibiting vapor molecules which protect the strings from oxidation while enclosed in the package.

Due to popular demand, the singles from D’Addario’s FlexSteels bass sets will now be available. Sizes for bass range from .032 - .135, and tapered strings will be available on July 1, 2014 in gauges .085, .095, .100, .105, .125, .130, .135. FlexSteels deliver the unique combination of flexible feel, optimized for slap and fingerstyle playing, coupled with a coveted deep and round tone with just the right amount of punch and bite. A harmonic-rich steel alloy with precisely-formulated core-to-wrap diameters wound to the most precise specifications delivers this singular tone and feel with unsurpassed consistency and extra-long string life. Singles will retail between $7.90 - $17.70.

Already in demand after the April launch of the strongest guitar string on the market, a full line of singles has also been added to the NYXL line, so guitarists have the ability to create sets to their own specifications. Available are 37 NYXL wound strings in gauges ranging from .017 to .080 and 22 NYXL high-carbon plain steel strings in gauges ranging from. 007 to .026.

D’Addario NYXL electric guitar strings have been re-engineered from the ball end up, and no string has ever offered this level of stability. Stronger than any of its predecessors, torture tests prove that NYXL strings stay in tune up to 131% better so guitarists don’t waste time tuning. Starting with the selection of new high-carbon steel alloys, D’Addario engineers completely re-imagined the wire drawing process and revolutionized the corrosion-resistant tin coating application. The result is unprecedented strength and pitch stability. In addition, these strings have been designed to bend farther and sing louder, and the reformulated nickel-plated steel alloy boosts amplitude in the 1 kHz to 3.5 kHz range, modernizing overall tone without ever losing that incredible nickel-plated steel feel that guitarists love. With 6% more magnetic permeability for higher output, NXYL electric guitar strings offer more punch, crunch, and bite.

These new NYXL sets and singles will be available July 1st, 2014.

Learn more about D’Addario FlexSteels at www.daddario.com/flexsteels, and uncover the full NYXL story at www.nyxlstory.com.
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