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MM-VE001_singer_72dpiMXL Microphones takes a leap forward with a series of microphones engineered to work with most mobile devices, giving musicians, producers and bands incredible flexibility in recording live and studio performances.

El Segundo, Calif, January 24, 2014 – MXL Microphones, a division of Marshall Electronics, has announced a line of cell phone and tablet-compatible microphones designed to work with any 3.5mm jack. The new microphones are called the Mobile Media Series, or MM Series. Key features include compatibility with multiple mobile devices and functionality tailored to specific mobile applications. Several Mobile Media series models will be on unveiled at the MXL booth during Winter NAMM 2014 in HALL A at booth #6990.

The MM Series introduces time-tested microphone technology to the mobile market. Electret and condenser microphones, long used for professional audio recording, are engineered for specific mobile uses. Users will be able to use their mobile devices for a wider range of applications, including audio-only recording and audio for video recording.

“Not long ago, we carried around cell phones that also had cameras. Now, we carry around cameras that are also phones and tablets. These devices create stunning video. However, the audio recording capability is limited,” said MXL Director of Sales and Marketing Perry Goldstein. “That is why MXL is creating a full line of mics that plug into the 3.5mm mini jack, which makes them compatible with most phones and tablets, regardless of operating system.  From hand held, to table top meeting mics, wired and wireless, MXL Mobile media mics will give users a range of professional choices to capture great audio.”

Key Features:

· Mobile Media series uses 3.5mm headphone input jack on mobile devices.

· Compatible with most phones and tablets, regardless of operating system.

· Better matches audio quality with device video quality.

· Real-time audio monitoring when recording video via app.

· Doesn’t take up charging ports, allowing for simultaneous charging of devices while recording.

The MM-VE001 Mobile Videographer’s Essentials Kit is the first Mobile Media product to debut. It is an audio for mobile video solution. The kit consists of the FR-310 shotgun microphone, an impedance-matching cable with 3.5mm plug, and a fully adjustable bracket mount. The cable allows the FR-310 to deliver an audio signal to the phone for audio-only recording or audio for video recording. This solution enables steadier video and directional audio pickup on mobile videos.

The MXL MM-VE001 will be followed by four microphones: the MM-130 handheld electret mic, the MM-110 boundary mic, the MM-120 desktop electret condenser mic, , and the MM-140 battery-powered condenser mic. Each microphone plugs into the 3.5mm jack on a mobile device. They are agnostic in design, working with iPhones, iPads, Androids, and most other mobile devices with a 3.5mm jack.

The MM-130 handheld electret microphone is designed for interviews on the go; it improves the quality of sound bites to be used for broadcasts or podcasts. The MM-110 tabletop boundary microphone can record meetings of multiple people onto a tablet or portable device. The MM-120 and MM-140 condenser desktop microphones will be useful for recording vocals or instruments into mobile devices for podcasting or scratch recording. All MM microphones will have removable, replaceable cables.

The MXL MM-VE001 is now available. The MM-110 and MM-130 will be available March 2014. The remaining models will be introduced throughout the year.


MXL MM-VE001 Mobile Videographer’s Essentials Kit – MSRP $189.95

MM-110 boundary mic MSRP $89.95

MM-120 desktop electret condenser mic MSRP $89.95

MM-130 handheld electret mic MSRP $99.95

MM-140 battery-powered condenser mic MSRP $199.95

About MXL

MXL is division of Marshall Electronics. MXL is a leading manufacturer of consumer and professional audio products for the music recording, broadcast, post, production, and live sound markets. Additional information on all MXL microphones can be found at .

About Marshall Electronics:

Marshall Pro Audio/Video is a leading supplier of LCD monitors, cameras, business microphones, cables and accessories for A/V professionals around the world. With over 30 years of experience servicing the industrial, broadcast and OEM electronics industries, Marshall Pro A/V offers unique system solutions, flexibility, superior customer service and the latest technologies for the professional audio/video market. Discover the Marshall advantage at

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