Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Golden: Shimmering amidst the German Indie Music Scene


6036059079_a97d39f17cGermany is a country that highly-regards the realms of literature, art, and is historically known for its emphasis on music in strong favor. Known to cater to the insatiable appetite for cultural experiences of both locals and tourists, it has amply provided countless venues that showcase its rich history.

Contemporary musicians from the burgeoning metropolis of Berlin dove into experimentation. The aforementioned city is known to house numerous entertainment venues such as the Konzerthaus Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, and even the famous Spielbank Berlin. The lattermost venue is a casino with vibrant exteriors.

In the field of Music, Germany boasts of a line of respected purveyors that brought about major influences in the world of Classical Music. Maestros such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, George Frideric Handel, and Johann Pachebel amongst other greats; all became highly-respected pillars of the genre. As this musical type continues to perpetrate halls and theaters, the younger generation of Germans dared to deviate from this traditional genre.

One particularly famous and popular musical duo from Berlin, Golden, is an Electro-pop band that creatively fuses various genres like Alternative, Hip-hop, Indie, Pop, and Electronic music. The wonderful fusion of these diverse sounds is helmed by vocalist Kathrin Georg and songwriter/producer Bastian Fruhner. Formed in 2011, this melodic partnership churned out infectious tunes that fearlessly traversed in between different sounds. Their skill to seamlessly weave thumping beats, sweet-syrupy vocals, and synthesizers garnered them a steady following in music sharing sites like SoundCloud and BandCamp. Opting to write English lyrics further opened the doors for this band. Capturing the ears of more audiences, Golden indeed shimmers amidst the German indie music scene.



In addition to a rich music scene, the German people are known as avid readers, among the well-known literary events, 2 major book fairs are held yearly to commemorate such a venerable trait. Considered the largest book festival in the world, The Frankfurt Book Fair welcomes more than 250,000 guests annually, with almost a hundred countries being represented through various booths, book lovers of all nationalities unite all for the love of literature. In terms of art, Germany boasts of almost 6,175 museums scattered around the country.

Such dedication to personal fulfillment is met with a desire for adventure and excitement, Europe is well known for Casinos and a Passion for leisure gambling. European, specifically German based online gambling sites offer much to the internet gambler sites such as PartyPoker, in which Spielbank showcases countless rounds of poker, to satisfy the insatiable desire of patrons, and these gaming events are offered every day.

Playing in such online and live events is believed to stimulate one’s analytical skills as each round offers varied challenges. The ability to quickly formulate decisions is critical as the game progresses rapidly as well. Poker can also be a perfect learning tool as most amateurs undergo trial and error as they delve into the game. Surprisingly, this activity can also help those who have meager Math skills as calculations are always involved. One can develop patience as the movement in this activity varies in duration. The ability to adapt to various situations is another skill that can gradually be imbibed in participants. And in terms of having bigger chances of winning, participants are encouraged to risk big as well. Often times, poker players who come up with the most creative of strategies usually become triumphant.

These locations offer something for everyone, so whether playing poker, taking in a show or pursuits of intellectual conquests, a vacation to the Germanic lands may be in the cards for you.

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