Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alabama Shakes



Alabama Shakes 2011

Alabama Shakes is four musicians who came together the old fashioned way, by meeting up and writing together, played dive bars and finally got discovered. Britney Howard sings lead vocals for their debut album “Boys and Girls”, released April 9, 2012. Offers hard edge drummer energy with R&B feel. Songs range from Speed Rockabilly, sad Slow Blues and up-beat Rock & Roll. Likeness leans towards Ottis Redding, Janice Joplin and hints of Etta James.

One of those vocalists you say is far beyond her year’s talent, Britney mixes vitality, balls and soul into every track; her un-ashamed no holding back delivery proves she can rock with the boys and probably better.

The band is getting much love, appearances on NPR all things considered, David Letterman and in the UK on Later…with Jools Holland.

Impressive and good, not since AC/ DC have we heard such a raw attack of vocals, hard hitting arrangements- from all instruments, not just drums or a screaming guitar, the whole package works. This is most definitely the type of music I wish I could sing. I look forward to their journey.

Check them out ( http://www.alabamashakes.com/home )

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