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About Xombiewoof Magazine

Xombiewoof Magazine is an online publication dedicated to music and the performing arts. As a magazine for the arts and entertainment appreciating community by artists and entertainers, we will bring to our readers current and topical news and information, the latest industry news and material resources to excite our readers and make a positive difference in the way our readers get the information they want.

Our site is arranged in an easy to navigate format, supported by a daily entry blog and with constant feedback from our readers and the community we serve. In addition to down-to –earth, real-time reporting and topical articles, we will provide a connection between the public and the entertainment industry, connecting the artists with the public and each other, venues, promotions of retailers that support the entertainment communities; a place where performers can interact with fans and fans can interact with each other, buy, sell and trade music collections, get the real news – not gossip – and become an open forum for the expression of new ideas.

As a “grass roots” publication, Xombiewoof.com is not supported by any major industry groups, and we offer advertising only to persons and businesses in our field of interest. By doing so, we eliminate a sense of commercialism. We will be working to promote literacy programs and community events, as well as produce compilation albums to bring new performers to the light of day, improving a performer’s and groups’ ability to be noticed and appreciated.

Advertising with Xombiewoof.Com can increase your target market.

Advertising with Xombiewoof brings your product or service to a direct market demographic of potential clients that are seeking quality products and services. By staying within a specific target market of clients whom influence others in their lifestyle and lifestyle choices, you can capitalize on not only new clients, but make clients of the people they influence. Our demographic is as follows 18 to 45 Male and Female music fans, young socialites and 18-35 Male and female Musicians and Theatrical Performers. Our readers are within the United States and International / European locations, looking for products and services that You may be providing.

Advertisements are specifically placed to connect with our topical material and articles which will help to support your message. This method allows our readers and internet search inquiries find your product faster and allow our advertising model to work for you. Advertising is spread across our web site, out blogs, companion sites within GS1 Media and in our digital and print publications. 

Our advertising rates start at as low as 300.00 per month and can be tailored to your specific budget needs. We also follow the practice of individualized placement, we will never place one ad on same page as competitive product or service, example, we would not place an ad for, say “Gibson” guitars on the same page or page across from another guitar company. If you are interested in advertising with GS1 Media / Xombiewoof.com, contact us at sales@xombiewoof.com and we will contact you promptly. All Digital advertisement art and media must be sent ready to use / list in Jpeg / or other usable format, such as PDF or High Quality BMP, we do not use Pop-Up ads or sell IP addresses. Link backs are included and we also direct traffic to your individual sites with tags and keyword placement.

Do you have a Product or Service you want Reviewed?

Do you have a Product or Service you want reviewed by our journalist staff, we regularly review albums, demos, books, equipment, and materials related to music, musical instruments, and performance equipment. If you want your product or services reviewed or have questions about the reviewing process, you can contact us at reviewdesk@xombiewoof.com and we will send you the reception address where we can receive your product for review. All materials sent for Review are in general, not sent back so don’t send original recordings or master copies of your materials. Equipment sent for review may be sent back if review requester sends return shipping materials or labels. Review material is archived and will be held as part of the collected works project, we plan to open a Music Museum in 2016.

Send all submissions and / or Letters to:

2156 Vista Elegante
Santa Maria, CA 93455
United States

Or email us - xombiewoofmail@aol.com